How to become a popular wedding stylist and earn money on your beauty business

will be useful for

For those who still do not know how to do hairstyles and makeup, but really want to learn

Beginning stylists who take their first steps in the wedding industry

Experienced craftsmen who want to increase the number of clients

what lessons include?

  • 1

    Why is a wedding stylist a very promising profession?

  • 3

    Where to look for customers and how to promote yourself? How to build a personal brand?

  • 2

    Where to start? What mistakes are best avoided at the very beginning?

  • 4

    How to realize yourself in a feminine way, without breaking away from family and children, and at the same time earn money worthily on a beautiful female business?

  • 5

    6 Trending Hairstyles for any type of hairs

  • 6

    How to make a good income in no season?

Course "Wedding stylist"

This course is perfect for those who want to learn the profession of a wedding stylist. As well as masters who want to learn how to do hairstyles and makeup in the El Studio style. During the training we provide a large selection of luxury and premium cosmetics. As well as all the necessary tools and supplies for creating hairstyles. The training takes place on models.

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